It's 2223 and androids are everywhere

Uncanny uncitizens, we call them Fabrics and fashion them neatly into society.

New Humanity’s silent workforce, they’re the operators behind the walls. A periwinkle blue blur in our periphery.

Obedient. Adaptable. Inconspicuous.

Until now.

You see, today 6 androids self-terminated.

And you've been given 7 days to find out why.

is a post-cyberpunk puzzle game about diving into the minds of six androids to explore neural islands, collect lost memories, and surface data for an overbearing employer.

You play as Sheleri Fiss, a sort of brain surgeon for robots, which is significant because the game opens with a crisis demanding exactly her skillset. When six androids self-terminate on the same day, she's told to carry out a secret inquiry and corporate cover-up.

Your time with Neon moves between two gameplay areas


Fiss’s personal workspace is an atmospheric android lab, 200 storeys up in Panarae’s looming headquarters. A quiet between-place that you begin and end each day in, the Loom is a hub world to customise and get comfortable in.

Upstairs, a Heliodeck keeps you in contact with NPCs and plays out like an in-world text adventure.

Downstairs, the diving bell is your gateway to the android brines.


Layers of neural pathways floating like islands in the cognition waters of every Fabric mind.

Small landscapes to explore and manipulate, each layer contains data cubes - hidden and protected by guardians. Dense with environmental puzzles and guiding arcane glyphs, wherever you find yourself in the brine the objective is always clear.

Find the data cubes, bring them back to the surface.